Best Five Discount Camping Gear

Most people enjoy camping. It’s a fun way to release steam and have some fun. However, camping can end up being very expensive and many people end up cancelling their camping trips when they calculate the cost. Lucky for them, there are a couple of we sites one can find discount camping gear. Some of these gear may include:

1) Tents

One of the essentials when it comes to camping is a tent. They can however prove to be very expensive. Choice of a camping tent depends on how many people are per taking in the camping exercise. For instance, the Cold springs dome four person family tent which comes at 25% discount at for a relatively small family. This tent is big enough for a queen air mattress and has illumine reflective guy lines for greater visibility when pitching your tent at night. The Mountain Hard wear Super mega 1 person tent is another perfect discount camping tent. Offered at 25% at Moose jaw, this tent is very light and has mesh pockets for interior storage.

2) Sleeping bags

Another crucial essential while camping is the sleeping bag. One can have a good night’s sleep at the best discount prices. The shoestring SL sleeping bag which comes at a 30% discount on has a mummy shape which decreases weight and at the same time offering warmth during chilly evenings. It also has a nylon shell fabric that is water repellant. Another perfect discounted sleeping bag is the ALPS mountaineering echo lake sleeping bag offered at 44% at Sierra trading post with a lot of extra room to move around, warm and is super comfy

3) ALPS mountaineering sidekick table

A side table while camping comes very much in handy. The ALPS mountaineering table which comes at a 50% discount on can help assist when it comes to placing things while outdoors. One can place their cooking stoves allowing ease in cooking and lanterns to assist in lighting.

4) The nook gear shed

This comes in handy when one wants to purchase a small tent while still looking for a little added space at the cheapest cost. The nook gear shed is the perfect attachment to the tent and provides you with space enough to keep your camping gear and dirty shoes. It can be found at a 15% discount on It not only adds space to your small tent but comes at a cheap and affordable price.

5) Camping supplies

Camping supplies such as lanterns, camping bag packs and furniture make your camping experience all the better. At they offer their Coleman and olicamp lanterns at 33% discount. They also offer the ALPS mountaineering leisure chair at a 29% discount providing comfort at a cheap and affordable price. Over at the Dakine Garden 20L Bag pack is offered at a 55% discount and is large enough to fit all your camping necessities such as clothes and toiletries.

Overall, there are a large number of camping gear offered at discounted prices. It’s about picking what you prefer and what price works for you best.

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